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GARBUS 390 „Waterway”

Floating car? Why not! Paddleboat in the form of a real Beetle is perfect vehicle for rent as well as for private use. Thanks to the possibility to choose the color of the boat and adjust its basic features, the vehicle looks simply astonishing. Beetle is very popular in Poland, mainly due to its unique and breathtaking shape. Sailing can be an unforgettable experience thanks to this paddleboat.

- control desk
- transom cleats - 2 pcs
- steering handle or steering wheel
- pulpit or lights stickers
- foot drive (for two individuals) made of stainless steel
- railing at the front
Additional equipment:
- mattresses
- steel headrests covered with leatherette
- fabric roof with supporting railings
- acid-resisting steel armrests – 2 pcs.
- dust cover
- stepladder
- slide
- combustion motor or electric motor
- storage battery

If interested, please contact us via phone:

phone: +48 52 397 34 61
fax: +48 52 396 20 56
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